Lovingly known the world over as the “King of Spices”, black pepper or piper nigrum is the small dried fruit of the plant. Dark red or black in colour, about 5 mm in diameter, pepper’s hot chilli taste and strong aroma makes it a must in majority of delicacies. Used as a topping and garnish in haute-cuisine, some of the best tasting preparations are incomplete without pepper. Its health friendly properties have made it a hot-favourite in United Kingdom’s new culinary culture. While black pepper has been around since the ancient times of spice manufacturers India, it caused a furore in Europe through its export from the colonial East India Company. It became a staple spice in Britain’s diet. The traditional English breakfast ranging from tea, bacons, eggs and so forth include pepper dressings as default since the last four centuries.

Referred to as ‘black gold’ in times of sea-faring expeditions from Europe to India, today black pepper can be found in every kitchen’s cabinet. However, its wonderful properties are still a subject of research, and newer ways to gain benefit from a peppery diet are being explored. Some of its well-known benefits include:


Modern research conducted in 2013 strongly suggests pepper oil’s anti-smoking properties. Subjects who smelled pepper oil observed a reduced craving for nicotine, while some of them were able to quit smoking altogether. Black pepper powder wholesale suppliers provide pepper oil specifically for the purpose of reducing smoking cravings, a practice that is gaining great popularity in western culture.


Black pepper inhibits enzymes that break starch into glucose. This property directly impacts the possibility of developing hypertension and type-2 diabetes, helping in prevention as well as management of these conditions in subjects.


Filled with antioxidants, black pepper helps fight ‘free radicals’ - molecules that damage cells in the human body. This enhances anti-ageing, holistic well-being and prevents cancer.


The ‘king of spices’ is called so for a reason. Belonging to the noble Piperaceae family, pepper has powerful anti-bacterial properties. A regular consumption of pepper in daily diet helps boost immunity and keeps common infections at bay. Pepper has a special place in the fight against E. coli and staph infections.