One of the ancient spices of the world, cardamom is highly valued in household kitchens as well as high-cuisine circles. Its first known use dates back to thousands of years ago in the east, where it grew wildly in western India. Forming a blazing part of the spice trade on the silk route, it made its way to the ancient civilisations of Europe including the Greeks and Romans.

In ancient Egypt it was chewed as a mouth-freshener while the Europeans used it for perfumes. The spice exporters of yore traded whole expeditions of cardamom for its exquisite use in aromatic compounds. The Vikings were introduced to this spice about a thousand years ago in the famous city of Constantinople (present day Istanbul) where it is famous till today. As an edible product, it has been used to add that special charm to delicacies since the very advent of cultured cuisines.

Having a pungent eucalyptine flavour, its warm and lemony undertones make it a unique condiment. On the other hand, cardamom suppliers are in demand online for its impressive medicinal properties. They export cardamom seed and oil extracts to the UK and US where they are used vigorously in health conscious diets and supplements. Some of these health benefits include:


Cardamom improves the urination process, encouraging the release of body toxins, especially from areas around the heart. Its natural diuretic effects also help lower blood pressure.


It’s famous for its digestive effects since ancient times. Cardamom forms an integral part of medicinal spices that are mixed together to help relieve stomach issues such as chronic abdominal pains and indigestion. A highly researched property of cardamom is its ability to heal stomach ulcers, wherein it has shown miraculous results.


An ancient remedy to promote tooth health has been the practice of chewing cardamom after meals. It fights five types of common bacteria that can cause tooth decay, and grants a minty-fresh breath.


This effect of cardamom is a recent discovery of medicinal research. Cardamom compounds easy breathing and enhances oxygen absorption by the lungs. Now an integral part of aroma-therapy, cardamom oil inhalation before exercise has shown higher levels of oxygen availability in the subjects.